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Structural Monitoring

Committed to Safety

Northeastern Geophysical have proudly partnered with QuakeLogic Inc as the provider of comprehensive structural monitoring services.

The monitoring and analysis solution is powered by QuakeLogics Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud-based platform to monitor structures for earthquakes, vibrations and ageing (deterioration and degradation). 

The result provides an in depth understanding of how a structure, whether it be a bridge, building, dam, pipeline or other piece of critical infrastructure reacts naturally pre, during and post seismic and vibrational activity.

Each structure reacts differently when exposed to seismic events therefore our experts will advise optimal system designs with state of the art industry leading accelerometers and seismometers if required. The data recorded by each system will be processed by QuakeLogic software providing automatic reports upon triggering. Examples of reported parameters include;

- Peak Ground Acceleration, Peak Ground Velocity & Peak Ground Displacement

- Frequency Response Analysis

- Wave Propagation Analysis

- Modal Analysis

- Real-time Pier Drift Computation

- Torsion & Rocking Analysis


Our Services

By collectively investing in solutions to mitigate damage to infrastructure in areas of vibrational and seismic activity we better equip communities for responding to earthquakes. Examples of advantages our solutions bring are;

Mitigate Loss of Life & Save Money

Extreme events such as earthquakes are the most prevailing source of structural failure and loss of life. If damage conditions are not identified rapidly, they may leave the structure vulnerable to further damage. Early diagnosis of damage is also important from a cost standpoint, as the cost of fixing minor damage is generally lower than that of major one. QuakeLogic’s technology helps businesses to make informed decisions by providing essential information about their structures integrity after an earthquake. The businesses may save significant amount of money by avoiding unnecessary evacuations and eliminating disruptions to ongoing services and operations.

Safeguard Business

To minimize or prevent future business losses and to save lives, it is necessary to periodically monitor the structural state-of-health before, during and after events. QuakeLogic’s monitoring platform helps to assess condition or serviceability, and to track progressive deterioration in order to promote comprehensive and efficient inspection service. Such efforts will safeguard businesses by minimizing distress. It will also help authorities and business owners to coordinate emergency efforts to the areas that need them the most.

Reduce Liabilities

Key to reducing earthquake losses are monitoring structural response during damaging levels of shaking and rapidly identifying structure’s performance and potential damage locations. This is imperative to reduce liability issues that may concern owners of businesses. QuakeLogic provides unprecedented platform for monitoring structural response before, during and after an earthquake. Our monitoring solutions tailored specifically for each structure help reducing liabilities of businesses.

For more information, brochures and prices please email info@northeasterngeophysical.com or call us today. 

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