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Induced Seismicity Monitoring


Northeastern Geophysical’s expertise in induced seismicity monitoring applications focus on injection well monitoring for the hydraulic fracturing and geothermal industries. Our capabilities also extend to the mining industry for monitoring seismic related events with operations. We provide a range of comprehensive solutions from turnkey hardware and software packages to data processing and analysis in order to optimize your operation and keep within regulation. From baseline seismicity services prior to your operation to 24/7 monitoring during the operation Northeastern Geophysical is with you all the way.

Standard services cover monthly, weekly, daily or 24/7 monitoring and reporting in order to meet your requirements.

Depending on the level of service required, Northeastern Geophysical have a suite of features each adding value to your operation. These features include but are not limited to;

  • Automatic real-time processing of events exceeding specified thresholds including hypocenter location and event magnitude

  • Automatic grid-based moment tensor for specific events

  • Manual review of events with analysis reporting

  • Optimized network design to maximize signal quality and detection threshold using physics-based propagation models and realistic stochastic models of background noise levels

  • Baseline seismicity services

  • 3-D velocity and attenuation model development for improved hypocenter location, magnitude estimation and source characterization

  • Metadata quality control monitoring in order to maximize station and network uptime.

For more information and prices on our services please email info@northeasterngeophysical.com or call us today.