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Data Reprocessing

Exceeding Expectations

Scientists at Northeastern Geophysical Ltd have over two decades of experience in all aspects of microseismic detection, location, source characterization, and velocity and attenuation imaging. We have developed signal-processing and inversion algorithms in nearly all aspects of microseismic monitoring, including array processing, phase identification, imagining, event detection, magnitude estimation, waveform modeling, and machine learning. 

Our data reprocessing services include, but are not limited to:

  • Improved hypocentre accuracy and precision through 3-D velocity model development.

  • 3-D attenuation studies to provide more accurate event magnitude estimation

  • Source modeling studies to estimate maximum potential ground shaking in regions of interest

  • Enhanced source characterization studies to monitor  static and dynamic stress changes in a field during production

  • And, enhanced pre-deployment ambient noise site surveys to design optimized monitoring network for both function and cost.

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