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Northeastern Geophysical Ltd

Who we are

Northeastern Geophysical Ltd are a team of consultants specializing in providing seismic and geophysical analysis for a variety of industries.

Our global team supply both standard and custom turnkey solutions, tailored to fit budget and project specifications.

Northeastern Geophysical are the first choice for projects requiring seismic sensors, software, and analysis to fit a wide range of applications.




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Seismic Monitoring

Northeastern Geophysical’s expertise in induced seismicity monitoring applications focus on injection well monitoring for the hydraulic fracturing and geothermal industries. Our capabilities also extend to the mining industry for monitoring seismic related events with operations. We provide a range of comprehensive solutions from turnkey hardware and software packages to data processing and analysis in order to optimize your operation and keep within regulation. From baseline seismicity services prior to your operation to 24/7 monitoring during the operation Northeastern Geophysical is with you all the way.

Structural Monitoring

Northeastern Geophysical have proudly partnered with QuakeLogic Inc as the provider of comprehensive structural monitoring services.
The monitoring and analysis provides an in depth understanding of how a structure, whether it be a bridge, building, dam, pipeline or other piece of critical infrastructure has coped during periods of seismicity or vibration. We provide you with the data and information to deem whether it is safe or not to continue operation, in its intended capacity.
To find out more please click our Structural Monitoring Services tab.

Data Reprocessing

The Northeastern Geophysical team can review processed data in order to provide an independent 3rd party opinion. Our 
scientists have over two decades of experience in all aspects of microseismic detection, location, source characterization, and velocity and attenuation imaging. We have developed signal-processing and inversion algorithms in nearly all aspects of microseismic monitoring, including array processing, phase identification, imagining, event detection, magnitude estimation, waveform modeling, and machine learning.

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